David McHealy

Functional Programmer - Tinkerer - Closet People Person



I enjoy functional programming and helping others find their love of it too. I also ride motorcycles and make pie crusts from scratch. Expect dad jokes and taking care of business every day.

I'm a strong engineer with a decade of experience in the telecom industry. I'm extremely optimistic about the future of technology. I feel like it just gets better, easier and more powerful every year.

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Jeopardy Rapid Fire Quiz

Quiz yourself with questions randomly selected from the last few years of the show. Written in Elixir with a React frontend. The frontend was a bit of an afterthought, but there are a lot more features I would like to add in the future.

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McPassword Hasher

A modern solution to generating unique passwords for any website from a single master password and a hint based on the website url. Built as a firefox addon, it provides a variety of password generation options, saves site tags, and has password hints so that no one can ever discover your master password.

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Twilight Struggle Card Counter

This is a pure javascript card counter. Used by the best twilight struggle players in the world and unfortunately also many of my opponents!

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